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    Now appealing to all concerned


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    Now appealing to all concerned Empty Now appealing to all concerned

    Post  Isobel Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:41 am

    Almost all the leading builders in Cochin have started from humble beginnings.  When the people around them scoffed at their efforts, with all humility they took upon themselves all the blame.  However, by incorporating the resources, assets, technology, expertise and experience at their command, they have now worked wonders in this most happening destination in Kerala. 
    It is interesting to note that those in authority, technocrats, scientists, politicians, social reformers, roofless millions, workers and the public at large, have understood the sincerity of the prominent realtors.  They are now convinced of the quality and the excellence in the design and plan in the flats and apartments sold by the property developers.  Even though when considering the cost of luxury Villas Ernakulam district tops other destinations, there are many takers for such costly living spaces.
    When the government agencies are preoccupied with the unending barren seminars, meetings, discussions on tenders, contracts, rates, technology, etc., it will only deprive our unfortunate roofless millions from having a roof over their heads.  It will throw back our ancient Indian culture and society into “Slum Civilization”.  It is now time to act and work honestly towards a specified goal instead of wasting money on fruitless meetings.
    The rates quoted for an apartment or flat will further go up very fast now than ever before and to own even a one room tenement in Cochin will be beyond the reach of the hapless millions.  Hence, the ongoing real estate projects must be completed in the specified time schedule.  Already the rates quoted for luxury villas are in crores of rupees.  Only the business people and the successful entrepreneurs of Cochin can ever afford to own such amenities.  Another category of people willing to invest in such amenities is the Non-Resident Indians (NRI) that have the financial capability to invest in such ventures.

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