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    Post  kun21 Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:54 pm

    UGG Outlet Boots In Chocolate Charlie captain, frequent haunts inferno ahead, go deeper are likely to meet inferno, I think we should not go deeper. "A high grade the hunter put in middle-aged hunter walk to a body on the BiaoXing warrior armoured said before. Check the ideal to, they on the wasteland adventure has harvest quite abundant, if be put on the inferno that some dearly purchased, and he nodded. "yes, I think so, too, you what about it?" Since captain yelled, and the rest even if the heart has not Kennedy also against bad. After all, this is a team, captain has absolute authority, and captain general by most powerful and the most experience as the people.
    In this adventure team ready to tidy up your returns, suddenly one of the hunter and ears, immediately the ear will resound stick in the ground, close your eyes to listen to in a short while a way: "there is a group of people are running down the direction, and the pace messy, should not be inferno or beast, pour some like normal human." Charlie's eyebrows a wrinkly, way: "clean up traces, scattered and see what is hidden?" For do not have a little while, a group of garment unlined upper garment lv of rags and stumbled appeared in human adventure team out all in, they see the lake, with a blunt come over to shout for joy, both men and women, all without the image of the big head into the water to drink.
    UGG 1873 Bailey Button Triplet Charlie YiZheng, wasteland when appear on human refugees? He gave a gestures, all players appeared, weapons started around this hundred human. Screaming to break out, the ordinary human crowded together, trembling surrounded by looking their adventure team. See and no abnormalities, Charlie let players up weapons, look at this group of people with vigorous voice way: "you're just ordinary people? How can appear in the parts of the inferno in wild?" At this time, the crowd a white man of beard has stood out, bending down to ChanSheng way: "you sir, we are the north side of the village of villagers JinLin wasteland, prisoners here. Inferno" Charlie and teammates exchanged a look, although occasionally to humans inferno site rob things kill, but never away people do slaves, but look at these people look like lying and not. "To catch you? Why inferno since caught you again and how can let you escape?" Charlie asked, with these people want to escape from the inferno palm obviously not likely, even if a common inferno deal with in their teens and 20 a normal human any problem there.
    UGG Outlet Boots In Sand "Back to the adult, those days of the inferno is caught we kill a human girl to bullying, said if he would not kill us every day from a person, alas, have mercy on the girl looks like heaven like the fairy, but...... now we are put out, eighty percent the girl had been killed that day the inferno contamination......." This old man is a face of saddened, speak of when inferno gnash teeth in hatred. More than 20 adventure players anger immediately by lit, very anxious to those who mean inferno immediately kill cleaners. Charlie eye is also a cold, but he soon cohesive mind think some jangled, inferno the enormity of his is known, even if that inferno got the girl's body, also could never allow these humans left, in accordance with the inferno disposition, one thousand one hundred percent ten will no KengSha all these pieces. The reason of the surge is not Charlie carried away by blood, as a captain, he is the burden of more than 20 teammate's life. So he started to again and again ask these humans in the inferno events in the small town, any details all don't pass.
    UGG Boots 2011 When the old man heard this description of the human girl holding a white meat harp, the whole adventure team players have become some strange look.
    Charlie quickly cross-examine this human characteristics of the girl, he asked all people also no harvest, these rural villagers the big character, except for beautiful, like the fairy is can't find other words to describe.

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