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    LianXin eighth chapter qing...


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    LianXin eighth chapter qing... Empty LianXin eighth chapter qing...

    Post  kun21 Tue May 10, 2011 3:37 am

    Now it has big bright,Adidas Water Grip lunar retreat and JinWu sunrise, two monster see YangNa impatient to look great changes, anger, fear, also dare not heart, said YangNa flying into the woods, just follow YangNa into the woods pour also nothing, just two demon into the woods then hear a red Yang big drink a way: "! Dare come where uber die?"A red glow from the woods, and after a shooting to the yuan Yang chek lap kok fire and frame to two demon sword between neck! Fire blazing yuan jianfa force surge, the momentary carry seems can be burned to ashes! TheyEphraim, and butterfly two monster big is afraid, hand holding a few samples by manipulating hindquarters thriller, red j YangLing mesh swept, will see the two to fix for the low small demon in his eyes physically.
    Ephraim demon big Nike Air ACG up courage pointed to the front ChanSheng way: "don't know something, we are immortal." the master to follow,"Master? Don't you......?" Red Yang is wrinkly to knit the brows, turned and saw YangNa suddenly look like a big dream early grownups awake, he stood up in between a trance like this night is general, dream things happened like really not true, is hair foolish, until he saw red Yang hold sword of two girls frighten turn pale, this understand come!This indeed is not a dream!This monster ghost difference all is true!But he's just a mortal, already can't force, also no magic, how can one night sleepwalking green pen mountain, also do many things?
    YangNa stopped red MBT Kisumu Sandals Yang hand method sword, will the strange overnight said out, recounted YangNa look red Yang see not as false, two small demon holding more real manually, though he entered XiuXian affiliation, but this does not heard of, repeatedly craftworks unceasingly.Since YangNa kunlun. Take two to siren serve a nothing important also, such small demon mana, want to hurt all low of Chinese poetry volume YangNa protego root is a dream, red Yang promptly took heart, sigh a way: "onam you haven't XiuXian will have so of the miraculous, expected future must be extraordinary achievement, eldest brother than you do is really to shame.
    "But in mortal body Juicy Slippers can do the things ghosts, formerly also had the scholar, for YinSi besides Iraq dream story, this scholar is one of three master reason later at the left.QianXian have stories before, like YangNa berides pour also let red Yang heart glad.YangNa a face of solemnly way: "eldest brother not this night is preposterous, over-modest, I also don't know is true or false, just last night, WenXing west object, eldest brother ever seen?"Red Yang nodded, complexion is somber way: "several years ago, fang yuan, left at the two old gm also has passed on this end, reason should be signs of sages, it seems that the husband ye out-played!""Grandpa really deserted me?"
    YangNa complexion is Vibram Fivefingers Sprint big change, mind got red Yang confirmed, he suddenly feeling pain, although a bear hard with the memory of reincarnation, but he attentive caress, twelve years to concomitant phase then grace would have allowed his real tough as straight as the old as most close!Although know sir life soon yi, but just a few days will give them away, this call YangNa how not heartache as ground?grandpa... Grandchild unfilial! Can't again for you! 'YangNa pay to earth weep unceasingly, the world last have relatives leave him, LiangShiWeiRen end but still end up an isolated, he sad tears from the heart on, time anymore eyes.
    The spill surge Red ecco sandals Yang see who YangNa already disorderly, know, mind to accept the fact that his time, dim and sighed tapped him on the shoulder way: "onam, husband ye, even if he is to renovate soul jiuquan, hell can't snub, six transformations, you are human right is not to do this monastery middleman, children of tai."YangNa gently nodded, but still a face of dejected, but he shall not vegetation cruel? Even fix to the immortals, also dare not say their borders to behead sentiment destroy sex.ShuYuJingErFengBuZhi, to raise and kiss the son in.This is the most painful thing, human YangNa even with two world memory, but that does not stand aloof, YangNa mourn militantly dissident, under a dizzy brain from, but stand sat down!
    Previous incarnation Christian Louboutin Men this present life, shenglisibie, grandfather mercy and uncles ferocious face, all sorts of illusion in mind YangNa time one flash across, heart surges hatred, regret, pain, sorrow, the mood that a moment to extricate themselves!Mortal, often not in dust nets relief, is because all men are have seven feelings six desires, moody from scratch, such as hate big, like a net heart tightly wound will.Looking at YangNa time such as NiDiao puppet froze general, red Yang frowned at this time, he can see already disorderly mind YangNa evil, if then the bad, invasion of human concern most avoid Abbey YangNa demanding, last night, but again confirmed early [he died, both for will add mind damaged under, well, he hasn't any fix for, or run amok, state must not backward.
    This situation red Christian Louboutin Platforms Yang also nothing good way, habit cures habit, the abbot, ancient intelligence clearance sad, affection this pass is hoped, a carelessly pestered heart will generate these evil, even big red hen can't get rid of, all can have what good Yang and method? Old protector, though he also died in pain, but the most important is secure this dukedoms ye, that worthy of husband died...!"How to do?" He see YangNa sat silent, a pair of appearance, heart run amok in the forest is anxious, running time stranded.Ephraim demon timid and aside butterfly demon whispers several, ventured to come forward to lower track: "sir, maid ontology of called something clear LianXin, can set gas, master mind gazing confused, can take a use."
    "Master......?" ecco sandals Butterfly garments YangNa matched with call, not smell silent and did not answer commonly, but a side look red Yang, ask a way: "you struck the ontology in where?" LianXin is clearly the nerves Abbey go-between with cardiovascular drugs, the role of demons, although says restraint in not what days to treasure, but also of material things is rare, this small demon of qing LianXin for her to fix for sacrifice, when incredibly Ken, make the red sun came by accident.set 2 demon put halo cover shout: "where are you? Such monsters in the fix for the also dare to die?"

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